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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 23, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello and welcome to "live from paris." i'm annette young. let's take a look at what is making news this hour. to french government has decided to push through a claim to strip french dual nationals of their french citizenship if they commit terrorism. extraordinary situation of the country is facing. the hearing has begun. spain's conservative popular party is seeking coalition partners. the socialists have already said no. put out an arrest
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warrant for mikhail khodorkovsky. the businessman says the kremlin has gone mad. we begin here in france where, six weeks on after the paris attacks that left 130 people dead, the french government has announced plans to amend the constitution in order to, it says, protect the country from the threat of terrorism. they will strip dual citizens of their french nationality in terrorism cases. it also seeks to legally enshrined the state of emergency in the constitution. proposal seemed dead and buried, yet prime came backanuel valls
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on the decision after a cabinet meeting on wednesday. a bill to strip dual citizens convicted of terrorism of their french nationality will be included. to blindly kill fellow citizens in the name of an ideology is a complete rejection of our common will to live with no distinctions of race or religion. it's a repudiation of our nation and values. reporter: under the proposed law, only an independent court will be allowed to strip the nationality of convicted terrorists, may then be expelled from france after having served -- who may then be expelled from france after having served their full prison sentence. on monday, christiane taubira -- she was sitting next to manuel valls when he made the announcement and stood by the
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decision. >> the president speaks first, and he did so at the congress. the president also gets the last word, which he gave this morning at the cabinet meeting. the proposed changes also include a plan to legally enshrined the state of emergency in the constitution to make sure that it is only used as a last resort. manuel valls also hinted that it could be extended beyond its current three-month window. the constitutional reform project will be debated at the national assembly on february 3. french: we spoke to a politics specialist from our sister radio network about the government's moves. >> there is pressure from the french public, from the fortorate, in france, action to be taken.
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far right platform runs on anti-immigration and security. in thed extremely well first round of elections, not so in the second round. there is growing support for a more security-conscious state in france. there is this pressure on the french government to do something. at the same time, on the other side, there are human rights organizations that say, with these new measures, a judge does not have to give his or her agreement to the police going into people's houses in the being of the night, for -- taking weapons. that would normally be much better look that before it took place. -- be much better looked at before it took place. so, i think there is concern about that, but it is a difficult line to walk, because it is notet -- if strong enough, it will be criticized. if it is too strong, it will be criticized. annette: iraqi forces are
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attempting to move further into the center of ramadi. sunnials say troops and tribal fighters have taken control of several districts. they are now advancing toward the main government complex. we spoke to a spokesman for the u.s.-led operation against the islamic state. along with thee, rest of this coalition, frankly, has been limited to airstrikes, to advising the iraqi military at the higher levels. so, there are advisors at a place -- at an airbase which is halfway between ramadi and fallujah on the map. that's where we have some advisors positioned to help synchronize this battle, to bring the air component in line with the ground component, so that those components are able to work together. and then, of course, the training we have done.
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this bridging operation that took place two days ago, where the iraqi military was able to build a combat bridge across the river, athe euphrates canal associated with it, this was done with a combat bridge provided by the united states of america and training on how to deploy the bridge was done by the u.s. annette: 200 civilians have been killed in almost three months by russian airstrikes in syria. but human rights watchdog says that some of the -- the human rights watchdog says that some of the attacks may amount to war crimes. kate moody reports. kate: this is the alleged aftermath of the russian airstrikes in england - - in idlib. the deals like these were studied by and miss claims that videos like these
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were studied and amnesty international claims that moscow -- >> we believe they have committed war crimes in syria by directly attacking residential areas, including medical facilities. using inherently indiscriminate cluster munitions. using deadly bonds in populated areas. -- deadly bombs in populated areas. kate: it focuses on six particular attacks and calls on moscow to provide compensation for the civilian deaths and four and independent -- and for an independent investigation to be launched. >> we would like him to acknowledge what he has done. began airstrikes in september, saying it was acting at the request of syrian president bashar al-assad and targeting strongholds of the islamic state group. book -- the strikes have been
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criticized by the u.s.-led coalition. they have accused moscow of targeting opponents of the side -- of assad rather than militants. amnesty international said it was concerned about the possibility that coalition airstrikes have also left civilian casualties. annette: afghan military has sent reinforcements -- the afghan military has sent reinforcements to the helmand province, a region under serious threat of falling into taliban hands. the country's distant -- defense minister is making an appeal for additional support. it is an important copy-growing -- important poppy-growing district. russia has issued an arrest warrant for mikhail khodorkovsky. the kremlin has gone mad, he
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says. the move comes a day after armed police raided the moscow offices of the business founded by the businessman. reporter: ramping up the pressure on the kremlin's most outspoken exiled critic. the arrest warrant for me, quarter koski comes two -- for mikhail khodorkovsky comes two weeks after he was charged in absentia for a murder. >> we have found out he was involved in a murder and two other suspected homicides. it does not matter where the the accused is hiding. it is our duty to take every legal action to bring them to justice. reporter: the 52-year-old oligarch spent a decade in prison on charges of tax evasion, fraud, and embezzlement, which is supporters say work trumped up
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return for his political ambitions. 10 years later, he was unexpectedly pardoned by vladimir putin and flown out of the country. the exiled opponent continues to be a thorn in the kremlin's side. for one, because of a dispute between shareholders and the government. following his arrest, moscow began offering -- auctioning off the assets of the business, forcing it into bankruptcy. but in 2014, the court of ordered the government moscow to pay damages to shareholders. khodorkovsky now lives in london, where he still slams putin's system. >> threats of repression are only postponing the arrival of
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revolution. reporter: khodorkovsky also created the pro-democracy movement in russia. their offices, as well as the apartments of several employees, were raided by police on tuesday. annette: the wooing has begun. the center-right party is looking for ways to remain in power after it won the most votes in the election but still fell short of a majority. first smiles and a firm handshake -- terse smiles and a firm handshake before tough talks get underway. mariana rajoy's -- mariano rajoy's party failed to win the majority. the meeting ended with an outright refusal. >> we will vote against the
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popular party continuing at the helm of government with mariano rajoy as prime minister, because we feel this is how we can respect the mandate the spanish people have given us. reporter: but will the socialists lead a rejected alliance? somewhat a three-way coalition. -- some want a three-way coalition. >> we want to pack so that nobody takes -- we want a pact so that nobody takes advantage of the political system. wing podemos came third. rajoy is firmly against such a vote. partner mustlition work for the country. he will continue to meet with political rivals next week as
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all players brace for tough negotiations. the pressure is on to reach an agreement. if a deadlock remains after two months, new elections could be on the cards. news, hostingher a -- a longtime opposition figure has died. -- the-old passed away 89-year-old passed away in switzerland. no official cause of death has yet been published. last of eightthe launched the uprising in 1984. e, i'm joined by a guest from marquette university. explain how important a political figure ait-ahmed was. >> he was a man who embodied algerian decolonization.
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involved in 1950 against france. he was the cofounder of the fla. a very important figure. captured by the french in 1956. we could go on and on. figure inajor algerian history. annette: what impact will his death have on the current algerian political scene? >> i've seen this already in the algerian press. they will recognize him as a great revolutionary figure and as a member of the opposition, but they will also emphasize more of his visionary activity rather than his opposition to the present algerian government. annette: we have to leave it there. we do apologize to the viewers for the audio quality of that interview.
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in three days -- three days after the mansour -- the massive landslide, rescue teams have miraculously managed to extract a survivor. the young man is said to be in stable condition, but suffering from multiple fractures. journalists and photographers crowd the halls of this hospital. all are trying to get a glimpse of the miracle. he spent over 70 hours buried under meters of mud, yet, thanks to a single air pocket, he managed to survive the landslide. >> it's a miracle. a man was saved. we are all very happy. reporter: another person was also extracted from the scene of the disaster, but later died from his wounds. rescue teams are still searching for some 70 people, most of them
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workers from other chinese chances of finding other survivors are getting slimmer by the hour. dozens of excavators, rescue they have tople -- cover the surface area the size of 60 football fields. annette: greece's parliament has signed a bill granting couples -- same-sex couples the right to civil unions. powerful orthodox church has been a very vocal opponent. the new legislation is a step towards gay equality, but some say the legislation does not go far enough. reporter: a moment of celebration for gay-rights activists increased -- in greece. athens has enacted civil partnerships -- has enacted a bill that allows civil partnerships for same-sex couples. >> today is definitely a day of
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celebration. noti invite all people, only for same-sex couples, but for all society. this has to do with the entire society. -- the facteece that it did not allow gay couples the same right was considered discriminatory. the bill is seen as a step forward. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people still face frustration in greece. >> we will celebrate. tomorrow, we will set our new goals and continue. reporter: the greek prime minister, alexis tsipras, hailed the day as a victory for human rights. >> golden dawn is against the
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civil partnerships and will vote against it. we consider that the family is a natural one, one that is blessed by a religion, by the church of greece. reporter: the bill was passed despite strong opposition from the influential orthodox church. it does not allow same-sex marriage or adoption of children. the law does not give them similar pension, labor, or tax rights. celebrating its 200th birthday this christmas, i'm talking about one of the most popular carols sung around the world. first emerged in salzburg, austria. kate moody reports. >> ♪ stille nacht nacht ♪
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is so theent night" is sung all over the world, but nowhere with the same pride as here. knowm afraid people do not where the song comes from. the carol "stille nacht" was written here almost 200 years ago. residents continue the tradition with gusto. >> ♪ stille nacht kate: the carol was first performed on christmas eve, 1818. >> people were very poor. they lost their employment.
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they had to fight to survive. people should be good to one another, forgive. they should try to understand one another. "silent night" has been translated into more than 300 languages and performed by singers from all genres, from bing crosby to miley cyrus and even had a metal groups -- even heavy metal groups. one of the more recent versions, this one performed by goats. >> ♪ silent night holy night ♪ comete: it is very hard to out of a story like that and be very serious and announce the fact that i am joined now by our business news editor, markus karlsson. we are going to talk about the latest episode, the story of the ongoing saga involving an
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intranet -- internet entrepreneur. markus: those goats are a tough act to follow. accord has ruled that he can be ruled kim has dotcom and three others can be extradited. whenpload was shut down inice raided dotcom's house auckland. lawyers said they will appeal the decision. dotcom emerged from court after a judge said he should be extradited to the united states. >> we have filed an appeal. i'm still on bail. we will go through the process until the very end. reporter: he has lived in new zealand since 2010, where he was
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arrested in a dramatic raid on his mansion nearly four years ago. he and three cofounders of the now-defunct megaupload face charges of racketeering and money laundering. american authorities argue that their file site -- filesharing site cost companies more than $500 million because it allowed the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials. it was once the 13th most popular website in the world. dotcom has fought the case since megaupload was shut down in 2012, saying he was not responsible for any copyright infringement that occurred on his site. he has called -- cultivated a --h-profile during his he has described himself as an internet freedom fighter and accused the u.s. government of pursuing a vendetta against him
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on behalf of the entertainment business. if it goes ahead, the case could have implications for the broader industry and the extent to which social media sites should police their content. markus: we are going to turn to the energy markets next. opec says oil will remain sheep for years to come -- remain sheep -- cheap for years to come. they say will take until 2020 before a barrel goes above $70. graduate --r sees a the group foresees a gradual improvement. it expects supplies from non-opec countries to start slowing down. it's set in 11-year low earlier this week, near -- it's that -- low earlier-year this week. there is a global supply glu we've seent. -- glut.
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seen oil prices settling well above $37, off of the 11-year lows. that's helping stocks on both sides of the atlantic. u.s. shares heading higher this hour. not too long to go before the close of trade. energy shares, in particular, are seeing bounces after being battered earlier this week. oil follows these higher prices, of course. in europe, we saw signs of a santa rally with the ftse 100 leading the way, up 2.6%. energy shares get -- let the games in europe -- energy shares led the gains in europe. -- the cac 40 and the frankfurt dax not too far behind the ftse.
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american fast food changeability its-- chipotle is tweaking cooking methods after an e. coli outbreak. shares have tumbled by nearly 1/3 in three months. restaurants will now be dipping fresh vegetables in boiling water before they are chopped. shipping will be marinated in plastic bags as opposed to -- chicken will be marinated in plastic bags as opposed to bowls. unseasonably warm weather held back spending. overall consumption dropped by one point 1% in november in comparison to the previous month. ovember in in n comparison to the previous month. weather, a lack of snow is causing concern in the french alps. following weeks of mild weather, snow levels are as much as 80% lower than normal at some
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resorts. hotel and restaurant owners alongside ski rental places fear that this will hit their bottom line. it comes at a particularly bad time. christmas and new year's are a key tourism period. we're going to look at tourism of a different kind. cuba is gearing up for an influx of american tourists. it comes as the united states is coming -- is working to defrost ties. coming,"mericans are and the cubans are getting ready to welcome them. owners of hotels and restaurants have spruced up their establishments. >> i have started to prepare for the tourists now entering the country. our doors are opening to the misery -- the many visitors. some of them don't have anywhere to stay, so we are preparing for
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a wave of u.s. tourism. reporter: authorized american travel to the island has shot up by 50% this year, and it is likely to rise even further. last week, it was announced that regular, direct commercial ó
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